OSD Toolkit 1.9.9 Release Notes

This is the 1.9.7 release version of both documentation and executables, future binaries and capabilities might differ greatly.

This release contains the following features:

  1. BranchCache WinPE Generator - For creating BranchCache enabled WinPE Images

    1. There are two versions, one x86 and one x64

      1. Both versions can be used to create x86 and x64 images. Only difference is of course that the x86 version of the tool does not run on a x64 system.

    2. To reiterate, the tool architecture has nothing to do with the generated architecture of the boot images.

  2. BITS & BranchCache WinPE Enabler – For enabling BranchCache in WinPE task sequences/command line deployments

    1. Both x86 and x64 versions are included

    2. These are automatically injected into WinPE versions created by the Generator tool.

    3. Initializes BITS and starts dependent services

  3. Alternate Content Provider for WinPE and Task Sequences

    1. BranchCache BITS BranchCache Downloader with BITS & BC Integration (BITSACP.exe)

    2. Both x86 and x64 executables are available, although x86 should work on x64 in most circumstances as well (not in WinPE as syswow is not included)

    3. Runs in both WinPE as well as full OS

    4. Generates the same reporting structure if the BITS Reporter is on the system

Happy Caching!

//The 2Pint Team

BranchCache First Timer?

If you are not familiar with BranchCache we recommend that you take a look at our BranchCache page before continuing with this document as it covers several key factors of BranchCache.