Appendix B - Change Log

OSD Toolkit

  1. Fix where ACP did not handle DNS resolve fails well when requesting the webdav information.

OSD Toolkit

  1. Fix where ACP did not handle HTTP errors well when requesting the webdav information.

  2. Fix where ACP did not handle network timeouts when requesting webdav information.

  3. Fix where ACP hung on empty packages with zero files or folders.

OSD Toolkit

  1. Fix where ConfigMgr CCMTOKENAUTH is wrongly handed to the ACP, causing downloads to stall.

OSD Toolkit

  1. Updated StifleR client with version number

  2. Fixes where filter driver not always applies the right policy where the device has no IP address at service startup.

  3. Fix where the OSD BranchCache Turbo was not initiated properly.

  4. WinPE client was missing iperf and other binaries which could cause issues for new locations.

  5. Fix where "BCEnabler.exe Move" command did not transfer the StifleRulez.xml to newly build clients.

OSD Toolkit

  1. Updated StifleR client for StifleR server

OSD Toolkit

  1. Fixes issues with StifleR starting too early and fails to detect DNS availability.

  2. Fixes issues where wrong version of Stifler filter drivers are used.

  3. Fixes issues where StifleR is set to start manually in full OS.

  4. Fixes where StifleR service was not started correctly when restart steps are in the sequence.

OSD Toolkit

  1. Fixes issues with TS Helper crashing, causing high CPU load, driving down P2P speeds.

  2. New StifleR client using Filter driver, working in WinPE and subsequent OS deployment steps in full OS.

  3. Fixes where StifleR service was not started automatically when restart steps are in the sequence or when not using iPXE Anywhere.

  4. ACP no longer controls the priority of jobs when StifleR is available.

  5. Fixes where the turbo function of the BITS ACP is not working.

OSD Toolkit

  1. Fixes issues were jobs complete before the monitoring thread is started, hanging jobs

  2. Fixes issues were failed downloads clog the queue, failing subsequent jobs

  3. Improved logging and fix for logging to Windows directory when CCM client is present on the machine

OSD Toolkit

Fixes issues were jobs would stop randomly when BC was disabled

  1. Fixes issues where ACP would crash if BranchCache service was stopped

  2. StifleR 1.9 is added

  3. StifleR adds a variable of WellConnected2PS to the TSEnv if site has good connectivity and is marked as "Well Connected" in StifleR

OSD Toolkit

  1. Fixes issues where a custom port is used for BranchCache and clients cant share in WinPE

  2. Remove black box from wpeutil.exe when booting to WinPE

  3. Showing progressbar when dowloading policies in WinPE when using StifleR

OSD Toolkit

  1. Fixed issue where small jobs failed with the BITSACP when running on fast hardware.

  2. Fixes issues where the BITS policy times are not accurate from StifleR.

OSD Toolkit

  1. Includes fix where BITSACP failes under Windows 7.

OSD Toolkit

  1. Includes StifleR 1.7.11 client which has fixes for bandwidth stuck to 1Mb/s

  2. Fix for BITSACP.EXE supports working BETA version of BranchCache Turbo for single file downloads over 100Mb (Broken before)

  3. Fix where BranchCache were not set up properly in full OS by the "BCEnabler Move" command

  4. Fix for BranchCache Enabler to work in reboots in to WinPE from WinPE

OSD Toolkit

  1. Includes StifleR 1.7.7 client

  2. BITSACP.EXE supports BETA version of BranchCache Turbo for single file downloads over 1Mb

  3. Fixes bug where BITSACP failed to create directories sometimes, and where BCEnabler failed if reference image had BC enabled

OSD Toolkit

  1. BITSACP.EXE now creates FOREGROUND jobs by default (Better speed)

  2. BITSACP.EXE supports Internet facing DP's

  3. Bug fixes

OSD Toolkit

  1. Rename to OSD Toolkit to support future Delivery Optimization features without to much confusion.


  3. BITSACP.EXE supports download from Internet DPs in WinPE

  4. StifleR Upgrade

  5. BCEnabler supports additional command lines

  6. Changes to service managment for better reliability

  7. Improved BITS policy for BITSACP jobs, jobs are now foreground

  8. Sample scripts removed

BranchCache for OSD

  1. iPXE Client is removed and not longer needed to be injected into the WinPE image as iPXE does that for you.

  2. iPXE Client no longer called as first command line

  3. StifleR is included if you add /Add-StifleR to the command line

  4. BCEnabler changes

    1. BCEnabler sets BranchCache as automatic startup in the “BCEnabler.exe Move” step

    2. If StifleR is used and not in the base image, it will transfer the service to the full OS to be available during the rest of the task sequence

    3. Writes the Completed registry value when BranchCache is enabled

  5. BITSFist reports progress slightly better

BranchCache for OSD

  1. Fixed scenarios en-GB media (and possibly others) would fail to generate due to missing .mui files in media source.

  2. All binaries are now signed.

BranchCache for OSD

  1. Fixed scenarios where BTISFist would fail in newly deployed OS. Ensure that BCEnable.exe MOVE command is run and it should work nicely now.

BranchCache for OSD

  1. Support for localized images

  2. Support for N media types

  3. Support for Education media

  4. Updated binaries for iPXE Anywhere

  5. Bugs from iPXE media Solved

  6. Improved Support for custom BranchCache port

  7. Updated .sms files for simple import into ConfigMgr

  8. Updated Sample TS for enabling BranchCache on a custom port

WinPE Generator

  1. Support for Windows 10 240 and above builds

  2. Changed BITS and iPXE to be included by default

  3. New version of binaries in Generated WinPE images

  4. Support for iPXE WinPE images

WinPE Generator

  1. Updated log file location for Service Logs under WinPE to be in the SMSTSLog folder

  2. Fixed bug where folder failed to create under some scenarios, causing Service to exit

WinPE Generator

  1. Added support for https environments

  2. Added support Windows 10 WinPE

  3. Added support for Windows 10

  4. Added support for proxies

  5. Added support for multiple network access accounts

  6. Changed http engine from WinInet to WinHttp

WinPE Generator

  1. Added BITS components to WinPE to support bandwidth aware and scheduled downloads from WinPE

  2. Complete re-work of the code, improving speed and image dismount. Image creation now takes 2mins!

  3. Support for Windows 7 SP1-> WinPE 3.1 image creation with BITS & BranchCache

  4. Support for Windows Pro media with BITS & BranchCache integration (No need for Enterprise media)

  5. Initial support for iPXE (Don't test this as it doesn’t work without the server Stifle:R component)

  6. Sorted bugs where image index was hardcoded... doh!

  7. WinPE StatGen.exe added to all WinPE image generated.

Download Enginge (BITSFist.exe)

  1. BITSProTSDL.exe replaced by ->BITSFist.exe

  2. WinPEDL.exe replaced by ->BITSFist.exe

  3. Added reporting for WinPE downloads.

  4. Same tool for both full OS (Any version) as well as WinPE, allowing for BITS downloads for ALL task sequences set to download on demand.

  5. Sorted issues with BranchCache not starting on certain hardware.