Quick Install Guide

Quick Install for Microsoft Configuration Manager

Best Practice recommendation is to build a new DP and install the 2PXE server onto that machine. If you must install it onto an existing DP that is running WDS and/or PXE servicing, then please ensure that you first disable these.

  1. If you have a SCCM PXE Service Point installed – remove it.

  2. If Windows Deployment Services is installed, remove or at least stop/disable the service.

  3. Ensure access to the SQL DB:

  • Add the service account (default is the machine account of the Distribution Point) to the ConfigMgr_DViewAccess local group on the Configuration Manager SQL Server

  1. Install the MSI interactively

    1. Make sure you select Configuration Manager integrated and Bind to a single IP. Leave all other values as default

    1. If you are using HTTP, and the DP is not in anonymous mode, you need to define an iPXE Network Access Account.

    1. Let the installer do it’s thing

  1. Welcome to the future! PXE Boot a Machine.

Quick Install Guide for PowerShell Request Handler

There is a separate iPXE Anywhere 2PXE Server PowerShell Mode Guide. Please refer to this for more on this solution.

The guide shows you how to setup iPXE Anywhere for use with the 2PXE PowerShell Request Handler using your existing WinPE Boot images. In order to witness the full majestic beauty of iPXE doing its thing, make sure that Branch Cache has been enabled in your environment, and that the WinPE Boot images have been cached into the BranchCache cache of one or more machines on the same subnet.

  1. Install the MSI interactively

  2. Select PowerShell integration on the mode screen and Bind to a single IP address:

  1. Welcome to the future! PXE Boot a Machine.