Change Log

Changes from to

  1. All communication is now HTTPS between the iPXE boot loader and the 2PXE server, regardless of HTTP state of the DP.

  2. HTTPS DP’s and NTLM DP’s are now supported, no need for anonymous access configured on the DP.

  3. Change from using DHCP option 252 to 175

  4. Pure PowerShell setup got revamped to work again with HTTPS communication

  5. iPXE -> 2PXE TFTP communication methods are no longer supported, use HTTPS instead

  6. Change to work with subordinate CA servers in Configuration Manager integration

  7. The use of Windows boot loaders is discontinued

  8. Minor bug fixes

Changes from to

  1. Improvement to performance

  2. Filter abilities to Configuration Manager TS deployments

  3. Updated boot screen

  4. WIM File injection - No need to modify the boot image

  5. TFTP Server

    1. Supports option to bind to single IP for multi NIC machines

    2. Allows to link to single port for TFTP transfers

  6. Registry Detection – No need to restart service when Configuration Manager changes configuration

  7. iPXE WinPE Client – Now included and shipped as part of 2PXE installer

  8. Custom Variable injection – Task Sequence runs as part of variable creation

  9. Improved Web Service integration

  10. WimBoot WinPE loader:

    1. Ability to inject files into RAM held WinPE image

    2. Bug fixes

  11. iPXE Network Boot Program Changes:

    1. Included Syslog Client

    2. TLS Updates to support IIS

    3. Added Certificate commands for iPXE

    4. Updated to latest build at time of compiling

    5. Bug fixes for Realtek NIC’s

  12. Added and updated logging options for troubleshooting.

  13. Added infrastructure support for UEFI 2.5 and above based systems